Welcome to the “online home” of ToMarketToWin.com.  Our company’s primary focus is centered around informing and educating small-to-medium sized businesses on how to acquire customers in a more cost-effective manner.  If you are a business owner or business professional, who has ever invested substantial amounts of money into ads that run for a very limited time with little to nothing to show for it, we’re here to teach you that there’s a better way.

The 3 keys are :

(1) Assure that the advertising you DO pay for is getting the best bang for your buck.  

Hint – that means, seek out  The Most Targeted Ads, and Buy Them Wholesale !!  

(2) BUT make sure you have Customer-Retention tools in place, so those hard-won new customers will keep coming back.  Subscribe to receive  proven resource suggestions– to help you do just that. 

(3) To maintain a steady stream of new customers, use additional low-cost or free traffic magnets, like search-engine optimized pages that can be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing, plus custom videos on YouTube and Vimeo which are easier to rank than text pages.  We can help you with these too. 

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One of the many things that marketing and advertising agencies would rather have you not know is the following:   Instead of merely investing thousands of dollars into ads, without any lead-capture or sales-conversion pages in place, you could actually just use some very powerful methods and tools.  In many cases, these methods and tools can actually get you better results than throwing money at over-priced and under-performing ads.  Moreover, many of these methods and tools are simple to implement and integrate into your business.

For far too long, small-to-medium sized business owners and business professionals have been under the impression that they have to pay top dollar, for advertising that barely makes an impact on their bottom line.  The fact of the matter, however, is that times and technology have changed enormously, especially in regard to how you can bring in new business.  Specifically, business owners and business professionals now have the power to take control of their own marketing.  Our job is to simply show business owners and business professionals many of the ways that they can leverage some simple methods and tools for attracting new business.

In our view, businesses have one of two choices, when it comes to growing their business:  First, they can choose to leave control in the hands of ad companies, and keep putting their hard-earned revenue into more and more expensive ads, which often bring in lackluster results.

Alternatively, they can simply learn many of the methods and strategies that marketers use themselves, to generate new business for their clients.  Of course, when you don’t have to pay a high-priced marketing or advertising agency, to do things that you or your staff can easily do during less-productive time, you get to hold onto more of your profits.  More importantly, though, when you learn how to implement some of these simple methods, tools, and strategies, you can use them as often as you’d like, without having to pay a middle man, every time you’d like to grow your business.

We believe that business owners have been under the incorrect impression, for too long, that they need to keep paying the “golden goose”, so that they can run one-time, tiny ads, in exchange for a comparatively small amount of new business.  Our primary is objective is to show business owners and business professionals that they can actually own the “golden goose”, by simply empowering themselves with a few simple methods, tools, and strategies.

 Please feel free to contact us today, to learn how you can take control of your company’s marketing and advertising, instead of overpaying others for under-performing results.


NOTICE :   It’s true!  MOST people won’t leave home without their phone!

Get access to potential customers — right on their phones! 

We’ll  both Create, and Manage your Mobile Accessibility – It’s all done for you!

(1) We send  MOBILE PHONE CALLS  direct to you – coming in daily from LEADS who want to spend their money with you!

(2)  a Mobile-friendly site gives them quick, on-the-go access. We’ll build it, or use  our easy  mobile site builder to create and update your own site whenever you need to.

(3)  a Mobile App right on their phone – that means Repeat sales!

(4)  “SMS” TEXT MESSAGING and List-Building for Daily Deals and Promotions (PERFECT For FILLING slow times with sales! )

(5) BUZZ-creating viral campaigns

(6) LOYALTY programs to reward & encourage repeat customers


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