Mobile Access to Your Business - Make sure phone users can find and buy from you!

Atlas Publishing & Marketing creates your mobile presence! (1) Fresh daily LEADS to become new *Customers* ! (2) a Mobile-friendly site for quick, on-the-go access (3) a Mobile App right on their phone – that means Repeat sales! (4) “SMS” TEXT MESSAGING and List-Building for Daily Deals and Promotions ( PERFECT to fill slow times with sales! ) (5) BUZZ-creating viral campaigns (6) LOYALTY programs to reward repeat customers

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Social Hot Buttons - Got BUZZ? Pinterest Leads straight to your business!

Fоur Reasons Whу Pinterest Мау Help Yоur Business - What іs Pinterest аnd hоw саn іt help mе grow mу business? This іs tаkеn rіght frоm thе website - "Pinterest іs аn online pinboard. Organize аnd share things уоu love". Pinterest allows people tо pin аnуthіng оn virtually аnу subject оn thеіr virtual pin board. Веуоnd thаt іt allows users tо view whаt оthеr people hаvе posted оn thеіr pinboards. Тhіs allows visitors tо discover nеw things аbоut topics thаt thеу mау bе interested іn, оr discover topics thеу knоw lіttlе аbоut. Ѕіnсе early іn 2011, Pinterest hаs experienced sіgnіfісаnt growth аnd wide acceptance. Тhе difference bеtwееn Pinterest аnd оthеr social sites іs READ MORE>

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Online Reputation Management Why YOU Need it for Your Offline Business

Introduction: In the early twentieth century, many business owners hired companies to handle their “clippings” or “cuttings”. These were actual businesses that would use banks of readers who would spend days scouring all of the available publications and newspapers in order to find any mention of their client’s name or business entities. This was the only way someone could keep track of what was being “said” about them. Fast forward one hundred years and you can simply “Google” yourself to see what is being said about you, your business, product, or organization. Unfortunately, it isn’t ACTUALLY as simple as that because READ MORE

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MOBILIZE - All the Figures are in... You Must Reach Customers WHERE They're Looking, WHEN They're Looking for Your Services.

Why Mobile Marketing? This report will demonstrate why not going mobile is unthinkable, for any business. The internet is going mobile on a massive scale, and at a rapid rate. Do you know what type of company Google is? You may think you do, but did you know that Google referrers to themselves as a “mobile company”. That is how they define their core identity now. Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, announced that Google's focus is now more on smartphones than on desktops (traditional computers). Google’s new motto: "Mobile First". “Our programmers are doing work on mobile first,” he said. “We’ll still have a desktop version, but we’ll also have one on a high-performance mobile phone. The top programmers want to work on mobile apps. Phones are so much more personal and satisfying. The phone is no longer just a phone, it’s your alter ego – it’s fundamental to everything you do.” Most businesses are still proud of the fact that they have a web-site. The truth is a was the biggest digital marketing requirement last decade. The web as we have known it is currently in decline. While more people globally are still going ‘online’, they are doing it in a different way. The new web is not a collection of independent web-sites, but is application-based. The reasons for this shift are many and varied, but the reality is that it is happening. At the end of 2010 Wired magazine released their now-famous article “The web is dead, Long live the internet”. The internet is still on the rise. Of course it is, thousands of new people are going “online” every day, but they are doing it in a different way – not through traditional web browsing. The graph shows a massive decline of the traditional “web” that started happening as early as 2000, along with email. We all know email is far less effective than it used to be when it was still new and novel. Users are now accessing the internet through applications, both desktop and increasingly mobile. Mobile internet browsing will surpass desktop internet access during 2013. This means more people will be using mobile phones than computers. You need to meet your potential and existing customers where they are. Many businesses keep their head in the sand, not wanting to think about the fact that their current online marketing efforts may not be future-proof. This does not change the reality, however. This is good news for you. The more reluctant your competitors are to adapt to the change that is already well underway, the better position you are in to gain an early head start. Everyone eventually embraced the fact that a traditional web-site was a necessity. That same type of mass realisation will happen with mobile apps and mobile-optimised marketing in general, but the majority will be late to the party, as usual. If there is one important point of understanding that readers take away from this report, let it be this. Here are some interesting facts to consider: - 79% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help with shopping, from comparing prices, to finding more product info, to locating a retailer – Google. - 70% use their smartphones while in a store – Google. - 77% have contacted a business via mobile, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business – Google. - There are now over 700,000 apps in the Apple App Store, to become 1-million by 2013. - Half of smartphone users access apps 10+ times a day. - Over 20,000 apps are downloaded every minute. - 40%+ of mobile phones in UK are smartphones, in the US is it 50%+ (Nielsen).